Sonihull ECO Ultrasonic Protection for your Hull

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Sonihull ECO- Tired of painting and scrubbing the hull every year? Tired of Hull monthly maintenance fees? Try Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling Technology on your HULL, IPS Drives, Cooling Systems, Fuel and Water tanks, Propellers, Trusters, Sea Chests and Rudders.

How it Works

Sonihull has been manufacturing and developing its market-leading ultrasonic anti-fouling technology since 2006.
Traditional anti-fouling systems like surface paints, rely on the release of poisonous chemicals and microplastics into the ocean. Sonihull ECO relies on the physics of ultrasound to keep fouling off your boat.

Unlike anti-fouling paints, Sonihull ECO provides effective bio-fouling control without biocides or microplastics. It is low cost, low maintenance and has zero poisonous environmental legacy.

From hulls, propellers and sterndrives on the outside to pipework, cooling systems and tanks on the inside, Sonihull ECO has got you covered. No need for dry-stacks, boat-lifts or drive-on floating docks

From small boats to complex superyachts. From hulls to awkward pipework – Sonihull ECO has systems and adaptors to protect any surface from unwanted bio-fouling

Increasing and Decreasing Pressure

The Sonihull ECO ultrasound transducers are bonded to the dry side of the surface being protected. The transducers produce a microscopic pattern of increasing and decreasing pressure in the layer of water that’s touching the protected surface. Microscopic bubbles are created as the pressure decreases and imploded as the pressure increases

The Benefits of Sonihull ECO

The resulting microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect which damages surface algae and makes the surface a less inviting habitat for larger, more complex organisms to colonise.
The microscopic movement of water does not damage the protected surface and has been proven to prevent barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface

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